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Detectives Scott Blade and Coraline Steele work for two different police departments. Drawn together by murder, they rekindle an abandoned love affair while struggling to solve the mystery of who shot the man in the black coat.

Meanwhile, a CIA agent develops a new computer program under the company name Cyber-Safe. The program skims money from the drug trade without being caught. The company owners, Paul and Helena McCormick, have gotten away with it—until the Brazilian Police and KGB discover millions of dollars in a CIA slush fund hidden in offshore bank accounts.

Why did Helena call LAPD and ask for Blade? She needed to escape from the man in the black coat and find her husband, Paul. For Blade and Steele, a single murder now becomes an international crime drama, dealing with the covert activities of the U.S. State Department, cannabis trade, and CIA money laundering.
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To Kill a Public Crook

A US senator and his mistress have been assassinated on the eleventh-floor balcony of their hotel room – no witnesses. Detective Scott Blade, LA Homicide is asked to head a fugitive task force to solve the crime. Blade enlists Detective Coraline Steele, Beverly Hills Homicide, his fiancée, to join the hunt for the assassin. Before they get geared up, a second senator from another State is assassinated in his boat while fishing alone –no immediate body.

FBI agent Tomaso Girardi is sent by presidential assignment to meet with the detectives to gather pertinent information about the murders. Their investigation reveals a sinister plot inside the executive branch to overthrow the current president.

Professor Stuart, a brilliant engineer/Astronomer calls LA Homicide describing a long-distance photo his students took, showing what clearly looks like a drone whizzing past the hotel at the time of the first senator’s death.

Paralleling the murder investigation, another story begins to unfold – that of an ex-Army pilot that seems to have changed names and is the potential killer. Driven by mind-altering drugs and evil government manipulators, Curt Doyle, aka Viper, is on a mission to annihilate corrupt politicians. But will he stay true to his directives? He begins to wonder who is controlling him and why.

As Doyle’s mind clears, he decides to defy his “orders” and use his drone one more time…

The search begins for Viper and his drone. The ‘game is afoot’ for both parties.
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